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Cleaning up, I found a lot of old pictures......I decided to scan them......

This page contains my pictures made at Indian River Shores or close to it, at hwy 1, approximately 15 kilometers west of the Kennedy space center at Cape Canaveral.

It is about the space shuttle Atlantis launch called STS-61B, dated nov 26, 1985.

The sky was clear, and the moon direction was the same as the direction to the launch site. It looked as if the shuttle went for the moon right away....

The enormous amount of light, the impressive roar sound even from so far away, and the enthusiastic audience made this a once in a lifetime experience.

A few workmates and me just went where a lot of people were aside the road. I took the pictures using a simple tourist camera. The distance to the shuttle was approximately 15 kilometers.

I hope, I did get the right orientation. I do remember, as the moon was there, the shuttle went in that direction optically. The remainders of smoke were moving by the wind, I can not figure out if the orientation of the last three pictures is exactly right.

As there do not seem that many pictures of this launch on the internet, I decided to put them on it.

A very interesting youtube video exists, it is a compilation of the launch videos at different angles, copy the link and open in a new tab to see it:

Some more space center pics, including the three gigantic Saturn 5 rocket stages.

This can move the shuttle from the building, VERY slowly.....

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