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Luxman L-309V restauratie recap 2014 Luxman L-309V amplifier 2014 and SQ507X See the 2021 one ->>

Deze Luxman L-309V had een brandgat in een der eindversterkers, en de andere was ook stuk. Beide defecte eindversterkers zijn opnieuw opgebouwd, de voeding is rigoureus verzwaard en alle elco's zijn vernieuwd, in 2014.

This L-309V amplifier rebuilt during 2014 suffered a partly burnt-through amp mainboard and multiple failures of both main amplifiers. Both main amps were rebuilt. A rigid recap and power supply upgrade was done.

The two main smoothing capacitors are enormous 33000 uF/100volts, now. Hardly fitting in the enclosure, they were chosen on availability and diameter size. Usually, people leave the big main capacitors untouched, partly because of unavailability, the fact the old ones are "still good" (they usually are) , the need to modify the terminal connections and mountings), and price. Having suitable superior replacements at hand why not use them!

To be able to do this, the bleeder resistors have moved to the place where the rectifier diodes resided. As they were not suitable to survive the peak currents the big caps use after switching on the power anyway, they were replaced by a 35 amp rectifier module, which is invisible below the wiring.

Het schema van de gemodificeerde Luxman L309V eindversterker module, eventuele foutjes voorbehouden. De modificatie betreft de circuits voor nulinstelling en ruststroominstelling.

Het originele schema is verwant aan dat van het type L-85V.

Apart from possible errors, this schematic is as the main amplifiers presently are. Whereas offset and bias circuits have changed, it differs a bit from the real schematic of the Luxman L-309V

Also, the schematic of a Luxman L-85V main amplifier, closely resembles the L309V main amplifier schematic.

The L-85V schematics can be found on the internet, but the one of the L-309V seems to be not there. It is good enough to use as a repair guide.

This "EIC" transitor below is probably a counterfeit one. It was found in one of the main amplifier modules. Shamelessly, the font of the "NEC" brand is used.

SQ507X en L-309V

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